Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sometimes it pays

to make a sample.
I've had a collection of fat quarters in my possession for a long, long time.  They are very different from anything that I have ever purchased and I guess that is why I've had so much trouble deciding how to make them into a quilt.
There were at least 2 patterns with them and how many other ideas whipped around in my head I don't know.
Now......I've got it!!

I was making up that kit with this pattern and thought they it just might work.
The focal point of this quilt is really that little bit of sashing around the "centre" square in the block.  I looked through the box in my sewing room and found two may have worked but the other one was more in "tune" with the fabrics.

This fabric was chosen for the back of Kristina and Paul's quilt and I purchased more for matching pillowcases.

I took the fat quarters and the last remaining large piece of the fabric down to stitch and chat and got opinions.

I didn't have the pattern with me ~~ huge mistake ~~ but the gals said they thought it would work.

When I came home I took one fat quarter and cut it to the measurements ~~ almost.  It had been cut up previously for something else I was trying.  I made the block quickly and snapped some photos.
One up close and the other from a distance.  I checked the viewfinder when I snapped and

I like it from near or far.

I thought I had a good idea when I did this.
Not sure, do a sample.  
I must remember that.

My original idea was to do the sashing dark....very, very dark and then this fabric jumped out at me and I really like the light.  The only problem would have been to find the right dark slate grey or the right brown.  I could have used a lot of gas travelling around looking for it.

And no, don't ask......I haven't made anymore, just the one.  I have a few things on the go at the moment so this is on the other back burner.

I have a plea for someone, anyone.  My friend is moving and unfortunately cannot take her cats with her.  They are 5 and 6, spayed but not declawed.  They need a home.....desperately.  No Humane Society will take them as they are all full.  Does anyone know anyone that could give these two beautiful girls a home?
Right now they live in Georgetown.  If a home is not found for them, Kelly will have no choice but to put them to sleep.  I've tried, my daughter has tried and we've run out of people to ask.



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