Still flowering after all these years

Still flowering after all these years

Wednesday, September 22, 2021


 did not turn out the way we expected.  Karl had a health issue that changed a lot of my perspective.  Other issues with friends changed it too, and what I was doing with my time.

I've opted to stop blogging.  I'm cutting way back on quilting and donating.  I am making more time for myself and Karl.  I started gardening again, by digging things out, 

replacing them.  

I'm watching my feathered friends more and definitely enjoying the chipmunks that make their home at our home.

The past years have been great, but it's time to take another look around.  We are back to watching baseball games on tv which we haven't done in many years.  We are sitting on the deck more, although that will be coming to an end now that cooler weather is on the horizon.

I wish you all good health............many of our friends are not so lucky right now.......stay safe and enjoy the things around you. 

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