Sunday, April 21, 2024



I have made a very big decision.   

For a very long time I have devoted my time and money and efforts

to make quilts for us, for our family members, but lately for


I have decided after a lot of thinking

to no longer quilt.

I have one baby panel downstairs and I will do that and gift it

to a young family I know and that will be it.

The cost of quilting is now beyond my budget.

Some companies are now charging over $20 a meter 

and I have to think a lot about that before I start a project.

I quoted someone $800 for a quilt and they nearly passed out.  I lost that contract.

I hope you have enjoyed the blog over the years.

I think now it's my time, to give to those that don't put demands on my time 


just to do things for me/us

Be Happy!

Monday, February 26, 2024

Another book

 to be returned to its owner.  A fabulous read …. again.   I won’t be reading another autobiography again.  There won’t be another great read like this one.

Th done great thing about this book is what I learned about the people that live here and call it home.  From the kids at Peterborough Collegiate and Vocational School

To the Peace Tower in Ottawa 

I learned a lot.

What does it mean to be a Canadian?  I’m like Rick Mercer — I really don’t know, but I’m proud as heck to be one. 

I remember when Karl wrote home to his parents he was getting married.  His dad wrote back “to an American?”  I cleared that up very quickly.  I do get annoyed with people in this country for not being grateful they live here.  They could live in parts of Africa that are worse than poor.  One of the reasons Rick joined forces for Spread the Net…….no sorry you have to read the book.

From Calgary (with Jann Arden) ….. why a bear?  I could say because I could but you have to read the book and yes I’ve been to Calgary.

to Algonquin Park, this land offers everything.
Read, enjoy and be proud that you are Canadian

And that is Grand Lake in Algonquin .. yes I’ve been there too, on a cold winter day many years ago

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