Sunday, April 21, 2024



I have made a very big decision.   

For a very long time I have devoted my time and money and efforts

to make quilts for us, for our family members, but lately for


I have decided after a lot of thinking

to no longer quilt.

I have one baby panel downstairs and I will do that and gift it

to a young family I know and that will be it.

The cost of quilting is now beyond my budget.

Some companies are now charging over $20 a meter 

and I have to think a lot about that before I start a project.

I quoted someone $800 for a quilt and they nearly passed out.  I lost that contract.

I hope you have enjoyed the blog over the years.

I think now it's my time, to give to those that don't put demands on my time 


just to do things for me/us

Be Happy!

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