Tuesday, December 12, 2017

This is not my quilt

it was given to me to quilt by the charity group I long arm quilt for.
It is one of those quilts that as soon as you see it, you want to replicate it.  This is one block of the quilt and I did some measuring.  The centre block is 2 1/2" but  it depends on what size quilt you want when you are done.  You could make the centre block any size you want and then just do the rounds.
If the centre block is dark, the surrounding rectangles are light and vice versa.
 See how it works.  BTW, that safety pin?  That's where I have to sew the threads in.
To me, this quilt is crisp and clean looking.  You could do it larger for an adult or teen-ager or leave the border off and give it to a baby.  It is a versatile pattern
I used the pantograph, "Loose Threads" on this one and the thread is King Tut...#954.....by Superior
I'm going to make this up in the New Year.  I asked around and no one knows if a pattern is available.   I would love to give credit to the designer but no idea who it is.


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