Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The village is still working away

Well, I have now finished all the baby quilt tops that Patricia "gave" to me.  I did pay for them, but believe me it was a pittance to what she bought them for.  Which one do I like.......all of them, however the double flannelette ones are my favourites.

Here you go.......
A little photo display.  Tomorrow I'm posting something special, so you will have to wait until Thursday for more.
There are two of these.  Identical
 I really like this one
 and this one and there are two of these also
 I made this panel up for one of my grands.
 Mother Goose.  You cannot beat a baby quilt made with Mother Goose on it.
All of the quilts have Hobbs Batting inside.  They were all stitched with King Tut thread.  They are all hand bound.


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