Tuesday, August 29, 2017

to finish up the month

here are some more charity quilts I have worked on.  I did the first one at the store and I have never had so much lint in my life.  I constantly cleaned the bobbin holder.  It was always black and we put it down to the black fabric on the top.  It was not top quality.
 I know it wasn't the backing because it was good fabric.  The cheaper the fabric the more we have problems.
 Sorry, I don't remember the name of this panto......I'll look it up.......
 and then I did this one.  This panto I do know because I happen to love it.  Not top piecing, but better quality fabric
 This is ginger hearts and flowers and unavailable for purchase.  Two pantos were made into one.
Let's not go there with the backing.  Stiff as a board.  Does it co-ordinate with the front......I'll let you decide......

and tomorrow I will show you the last one I did
you will have to come back and read all about it.


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