Thursday, September 4, 2014

The quilt mentioned

I had this stashed in a basket that I wanted to store my quilts in while they wait for the binding to be sewn down.
I had thought a long time ago that I could do the blanket stitch around everything and that would suffice for the quilting.  Well, I did part of one block and put it away.  Boy it was hard work getting that needle through the fusible web.  I took it apart one afternoon in July....didn't take much doing as there wasn't much work done on it.  I have no idea what kind of fusible web I used but gee, this one is stiff!

I decided to do the blanket stitch with my Sapphire as it is a really nice stitch and it will go through the layers a heck of a lot better than I can.
I opted for a Sulky thread this time as that is what I have in stock......I'm still on my "frugal" campaign.  It is a cotton thread and they call it Dark Ecru.....

I'm really happy with how this was looking right from the "get go". Once block number one was done, there was no stopping me.

The pattern is still available because I wrote to the company to ask them how long it had been around.  Would you believe 12 years ago I started this as a BOM.  That is disgraceful!!!  Absolutely disgraceful!  I should be ashamed of myself.  Definitely getting it finished now.
If you would like the pattern it is available through Kookaburra Cottage Quilts and they are in Australia.  Take a gander around their website.  They have some amazing patterns.
I'm kicking myself right now because my friend Susan was just down in Queensland...probably could have bought a few for me.....rot the luck!
When you leave the machine stitching to the last this is what you contend with.......

 I've planned the custom quilting.  I'm going to follow the theme of the stars in the outer border and do some free motion stippling in the blocks.  The sashing I'm thinking about at the moment.  Maybe some hearts here and there as they are in two of the blocks.  I have no binding but I'm thinking maybe a dark cranberry red or dark green.  I had for a moment thought of a deep navy blue, but that isn't going to happen.
Phew!!  Another one out of the cupboard.
Okay a little PS here.  I did the facial features with a different Sulky thread and my machine.  Small straight stitch.  The other features I'll add once it's been quilted.  Learned my lesson about that awhile ago.  Always, always put beads and buttons on when you are done.

There was a tiny glitch in the system yesterday.  This post isn't following the right one.  I don't know how it happened, but it did.  Time setting is one culprit, I'm sure.
Anyway, for a refresher you can scroll down and read the post that should have been there and then this one.  
Getting back in gear is harder than I thought.
Maybe next week will be better......just don't count on it.

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