Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Customer Service

Okay, the other day I wrote a post all about stores that shut their doors and perhaps what they could have done better.  I don't know the reason for closing and quite honestly it is none of my business.  (Yes, it's gone, I took it down.  I should have left it, but I didn't.)
Today it's all about customer service and when it's done right.
I've lost my favourite scissors.  Karl has looked everywhere that I looked, so obviously the two of us have both missed the one spot they are in.  I had them over the week-end when I was cutting out my Love Blooms Here and the next day........disappeared, gone, walked away.
These are them.....
If you look on the Fiskars website they are actually for gardening......floral snips.  I love them!  They are comfortable in your hands and those tiny blades are perfect for getting into corners when you are cutting your appliqué  from fusible web.  
I went to Michaels as that was the last place I had purchased them.......maybe 6 years ago.
They didn't have any on display and there was no spot for them.  I would have asked someone, but I couldn't find anyone on the floor.  I get so discouraged with the shortage of staff in stores.  I don't think they really want my business.  Anyway, I left.
I came in the house and phoned ~~ my favourite store.
Fairview Street
I asked Nick if they carried Fiskars and he said yes....not the ones I wanted.....what sewing store carries floral snips???? 
Instantly, without hesitation, I was told he could order them.  
He must have phoned his distributor as soon as he hung up because within a very short period of time, I had an email back asking me for some more information.  
They are ordering them for me.  It could take a few days, it may take a week. I'm not bothered by that.
Great customer service will have me coming back again and again.  
Thanks to them and their staff for always going the extra distance.

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