Wednesday, April 2, 2014

If you are going

to trim a quilt

make sure that you have lots of help
Buttercream Twist, a free pattern from Kim Diehl, Martingale Publishing is
It took me about 6 days to do the quilting.....all free motion.
It wasn't going to be all f.m., but instead of changing the feet all the time, I thought this was the easier way to go
Fool, that I am!
The quilt measures 50 x 80 and that middle section was not delightful.  I decided not to start in the middle.  Long arm quilters don't do it that way, so I started at one end and did three rows, then turned it and did three rows, that of course left the middle until the end.
The stitching isn't perfect, but it is okay for my first time with a quilt this size.
My helper never left me.  She just kept enjoying a new quilt spread out on the living room floor.
The label is done
the binding is on and now Karl can enjoy his birthday gift.

I used another  Superior Thread both top and bottom.  I didn't have a thread in stock that I could use for the backing, so I puddled the Masterpiece "Tassel", and it looked really good.
I picked up this thread when I was over at Anita's one time.  It was one of those threads that caught my eye and I am so glad it did.  It is just perfect for this quilt and I'm pretty sure it will be used again and again.
This is the quilting........I did free motion on the whole thing.

The front

The back

and hanging to dry after being outside!

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