Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Two from one.

I bought a kit awhile ago.  I was at a quilt show and asked Lana (The Quilt Junction) if this particular kit would make two baby quilts.  She gave it a quick think and said "yes".
Inside this bag........
were these fabrics.........
which would make up this pattern.......
I decided to make the two patterns.  With ten fat quarters you would get 30 blocks.
I thought 16 blocks for the one quilt and no border.  That way I could take the border fabric and use it on the back with the white fabric that was left over for the binding.
It worked out pretty well.
Windy days and quilt tops just don't go together well.

If you snap fast enough you do get the quilt before it starts to blow away again.

The layout for the second quilt had to be different as there were only 14 blocks left to work with.  

I auditioned the backing fabric with it but it didn't do a thing for me.  I left it on my flannel wall for a day while I thought about it.  Next morning I went back downstairs and tried the white fabric.  It turned out to be so much better but........that white really takes your eye away from the rest of the quilt.                                       I had problems with the layout too but I "got it", then of course I sewed it together wrong.  Was this quilt trying to tell me something?????

The pattern comes with a flower motif so I thought maybe a few flowers scattered over the white fabric might help to dull it down.  Well it didn't quite do that
but it draws your eyes to the flowers.  
Now to quilt both of them and get them on the pile.  
I'm going to bind this one with the fabric left over from the fat quarters.  A scrappy binding.  The backing is a fabric I had in my stash.  
One day, if I keep being really good, I won't have any stash.  I won't ~~ I really won't!

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Humboldt Broncos
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