Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Talk about women changing their minds

I must be the world's best at it.

I had decided on the quilts I wanted to make this year based on the offerings of free BOM's.  Now I've opted out of two of them and am going to only do two.   I was up to five at one point, squashed one right away.  I don't remember why.

I saw this quilt online and I just love it!  I went and looked and I have enough tans and stash to make it, so out with two and in with one.
You do have to buy the Quiltmaker magazine to get the patterns.  The designer is Paula Stoddard and you can read about her here.
I won't be using wool, just cottons, actually batiks 
I'll be posting my blocks as I go along right there on the right hand side under "love Blooms".
I figure my frugal will still be working.  I'm not actually buying the magazine.  I'm going to use my Chapters gift cards.  Okay, I ended up subscribing to it.  It was cheaper that way!

I'm also going to Find them and Finish them this year.  I'll take some of my projects with me to my Friday's Fabulous Females stitching group.  I've already completed one hand quilting project, I just need to do the binding on it.  
My gosh this has turned into the year of the "f" word. 
I wonder what the rest of February has in store for me.  Perhaps some free motion quilting, some fusible web, but there will definitely not be a fabric acquisition road trip.  Maybe I'll get moving on something that I've been going to do since last spring......a little thing I can put into a frame.
Way back in November, Margaret taught us the disappearing 4 patch.

I asked her if she would send me some photos to share with you and she did......awhile ago.
Put them on point and you get an entirely different look.  I like this!
And in January, Susan brought in her show and tell.  These two tops are at the long arm quilters now being quilted.  That sounds so dumb, doesn't it?

This one is a king size quilt.  So glad I don't have to put the binding on this one.
I believe Susan designed this one.  Someone asked about another two borders same as the centre.  I didn't think so, (but I said nothing!!!) and Susan said she didn't have any more fabric.  She thinks she has enough to bind in the dark brown.  That will definitely stop the eye from travelling.

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