Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I'm still cranking them out

The pile doesn't seem to dwindle.  I keep finding unfinished projects.  They are coming out of the wood work or maybe they are multiplying!

This wasn't really a UFO but I didn't want to put it away not finished. new motto.

I needed a backing and just before I was going to bed one night I thought of something.  I went into the closet in the back bedroom/guest room/sewing room and started looking.

Ah-ha there it was.  On a bolt.  Under something else.    I found some fabric that had been tucked away with it and added that to the top and one side.  I had to make this whatever a little larger.  I have absolutely no idea why I made it.  I think a sample for something on our quilting forum.  Really doesn't matter now.

The colors are perfect.  They really go well with the front of the quilt.

I knew how I was going to quilt this one as soon
as I had it finished.  I wanted to cross hatch the
12" blocks.   I finally decided on using my washable marker.  I was afraid the disappearing one would actually disappear before I got the block completed.  You never know if you will get called away to the phone.

I did one block at a time.  I marked the entire block.  I started in the bottom left corner and went to the top right.  I moved the ruler over so the 1 1/2" mark on the ruler laid on the line and drew another line.  I kept going until the entire block was marked.  I did the same in both directions.

I started the stitching in the bottom corner and worked my way around.  I did not start and stop.

To travel from one line to the next I stitched in the ditch.
I started in the bottom right corner and stitched right to the top on the line I had drawn.  I then moved over so that I was now going to go in the opposite direction.

With a pencil follow the lines on the photo to get the feel of the quilting directions.  You will complete the entire block using this method.  You really will.

I did free motion around the flowers until the block was filled.  I used yards and yards of thread and I had fun.
I asked the gardener what color to use to enhance the flowers and he said green....not a green green, not a lime green but still a yellow green.  I had one in my stash but it caused me problems.  It kept breaking.  I perserved until the flowers were done.  
I quilted the entire top using a Superior Threads Masterpiece "Canvas" coloured thread.  I love this thread. It just works so well on so many fabrics.  Not a screaming white, but soft and I hate to say it but dull.
The binding was left-overs.  I have some of the fabric left from the large blocks but I can add that to another big piece and have a backing.  Two fat quarters would give me what I needed for the binding.  I cut them 2 1/2" by the length and then stitched them together.......they were about 20" long.  One blue, then one dot, one blue, one dot  (you get the picture.)

This is how the binding turned out.  Don't know how it happened but it did and I'm going to definitely be doing it this way again.  In case, just in case, you didn't see it......all the dotted fabric is in the corner.
Now to finish up the lime green, black and white which appeared from nowhere!  Is someone dropping quilts off for me to finish?????

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