Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Christmas gift #2

After making this, I’ve decided I’m making more of them.  These are little fabric boxes and I found a tutorial for them on line.
I have had a product in my home that I’ve never used but always wanted to give it a try.  I bought it at a quilt show up in Ingersoll I believe… friend Margery can let me know if I’m right or wrong. So can Charleen because we all went to the same show.
This is it.  It is like batting but it’s ~~ well, for lack of another word ~~ stiff.  Great for bags and that’s what I intended it for.
  When I read the instructions for the box, I thought I would give it a try.  I love it!  It sews like a dream.  My walking foot took it in stride.
Now I must admit I only glanced at the photos while constructing the box.  I didn’t read the directions until down near the bottom.  I learn better visually, than by script. 
I wanted a pretty fabric for this……flowers and thought I would have to break down and buy some, but I saw this in the sewing room and there was so much I decided to use it and the co-ordinate sitting with it.  IMG_9377This was left over from the bag I made for Kristina last summer.  For the next box I’m hoping I have some orange fabric for the lining.
I sandwiched the fabrics as per the picture in the tutorial.  Batting, lining up and main fabric down.  I sewed around the perimeter leaving an opening and then turned it right side out.  This was a little harder to do with the “stiff” batting, but I managed.  I did clip the batting in all four corners to avoid bulk.  I didn’t trim any of the rest.
I’m adding this photo so that you can see the thickness of the batting.  I measured and it’s about 1/8”.
  When it came time to “quilting” I once again did as I was instructed.  I must have been running a fever the day I made this!  I used my walking foot as my guide when doing the stitching and I had just loaded up a full bobbin so I wouldn’t run out half way there.  I used a co-ordinating thread, but you could certainly use one that would contrast.IMG_9381IMG_9382
  To mark the lines to make the corners I used my water erasable marker and just put dots at the 2” mark and then a very light line.  I stitched from the outside edge to the fold and back again and then re-enforced that stitching.  When all four corners were done, I turned the basket right side out.IMG_9384
Okay, so now I didn’t follow the directions.  I opted to do my corners on the inside slightly different.

  Instead of pulling the corner to one side, I opened it up.  I gave it a blast of steam and I’ll stitch them down on both sides.  It gives the inside four little pockets……good for tiny things.
 You could tuck a seam ripper, a tiny pair of scissors in two of the pockets.  A neutral spool of thread and some nice new straight pins.  A few bites of chocolate would be nice too.  I think this is a fabulous gift idea.
And yes, where those flower pins are I’ll put some lovely buttons.  I’ll head over to Burlington to Sewing Machines etc.  They have a fabulous selection. 

I measured this.  It is over 3" tall and about 4" wide.  It's just a nice size for sitting on your sewing table.

Someone mentioned another use for the "box" so I had to try it!  I cut my fabric 12 1/2" x 12 1/2" and came up with this.  The corners are 3 1/2" x 3".....the 3" measured in along the bottom.
The taller one could hold markers, pencils, rulers.

Then I tried again.  This one has the sides measured at 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" and I like the size of this one.  It's a bit larger on the inside.

You could have one on the table where you sit to do your hand sewing in the evenings and one on your sewing table for ~~ well, whatever!

Sharing.....this photo was taken shortly after the ice storm we had last year

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