Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Chapter two

This is it.  All finished.  Well, okay without the binding.

I don't really like what I did in the centre, but it can't be taken out.  The holes would be too large to fill in, so I'm living with it.
I do like how I machine quilted the border.  I had inspiration not only from the centre piece but also from the border fabric.

The inside piece is big.  I opted to cut away the centre and just leave enough to secure the piece to the background.

I didn't like my choice of red for the berries.  It faded away.  I decided to add some red thread to those berries to help to brighten them up.  I had a wee problem with my bobbin thread.  It wasn't feeding properly and I knew something was wrong but persisted.

I ended up taking it out and re-doing.  The top thread pulls to the back as it is thicker -- 30wt -- than the bobbin thread.    

It's not perfect but it is better!

Those little circles are a devil to trace.  You will see the following on my favorite tools coming up soon.
I press my fusible web to the back of my fabric and then make my circles.  I then lay my template on the fusible web and trace around the size circle that I want.  It makes things so much easier.
You don't need to buy this particular one as you can buy circle templates.  However, this particular one is available at Staples in Canada.  Unfortunately, I don't know the name of the office supply stores in the USA or elsewhere, so I wasn't able to check it out for you folks.

This is our microwave stand in the kitchen.  This shelf is for the toaster oven which we put on the counter when we use it.
The other night, "Nosey" couldn't resist trying it out.   No soft spot so she didn't stay long. 

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Humboldt Broncos
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