Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My friends

have been busy working away on quilts and wallhangings.

Elaine sent over two photos of baby quilts she has completed.  The first one is called "Positively Simple".  Those are the ones ~~ simple ones ~~ I usually have problems with, but Elaine didn't.
Bright and colorful -- perfect for a child
The pattern is found in Fons and Porter's Scrap Quilts, Spring 2013 edition

This is called "Circles for Paige".  In the magazine the circles were on a white background, but Elaine  chose to use two different background fabrics.  Lots of zing in this one for a child.  I don't know as I would use white for a baby.  It could mean a lot of washing.
This pattern was in another Fons and Porter magazine.  Their "Love of Quilting", January/February 2013 edition. 
Elaine does all her own machine quilting.  I have to get back to it.  I've been slacking off lately.

My friend Charleen and her sister-in-law Beth have been taking a workshop down where they live.  The gal that runs the shop posted a photo of their latest blocks and I copied it.  
Charleen's block is on the top and Beth's is at the bottom.

The block of the month is called The Nature of Things and this is but one of the blocks.  I had trouble finding a website for the Woolylady so I'm figuring there isn't one.

Well, try, try, try again or seek and ye shall find and guess what?

Personally, I won't be buying anything after wandering around this site. Don't get me wrong.  The pieces are beautiful but the prices are beyond my reach and I'm not really into wool.  I have done it and it was something to try, but to continue with it, not going to happen. 

I'm back to my Christmas sewing.  I thought I was all done, but forgot a little person. 
It's the perfect weather today for thinking Christmas.  A bit nippy out there this morning.

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Humboldt Broncos
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