Thursday, November 7, 2013

I thought I was done

We bought some new sheets for our bed.  We only had one pair and as I try to only throw them in the dryer for a short period of time and then hang them up, they aren't always dry to put them back on the bed.  Let's be honest, in the winter that never happens.

It never happened when I was younger either.  No dryers in those days.  My mother hung our sheets outside, summer, winter, spring and fall.  We lived outside Montreal at the time and those sheets came in as boards.  Frozen solid!  Down the basement we went, sheets raised up so high they wouldn't touch her immaculate floors to hang in the basement overnight.  They smelled fabulous.  

We chose this pattern and yes, they are flannelette.  My choice of fabric from November 1st (or earlier) until sometime in April.  I really feel the cold and have done for a number of years now.  

Sets of sheets in Canada/USA come with one set of pillowcases but I noticed they are now offering another set in separate packaging.  We didn't need them as I can make a pair for the big pillows.

I had this wonderful fabric from my shopping spree at Fabric Crafts'n More in O'Leary, PEI this past summer.  It is from Shabby fabrics and I thought it would work.  Then I had doubts, then I saw a photo on Martha Stewart's page where she had numerous different fabrics together and I "evolved"!!

This was my choice. I have one more from this line but it's tiny flowers so I'm going to save it.

Two little pillowcases took me awhile and I know not why.  Simple easy sewing but .......

 1.  I decided to run a long stitch 1/4" in from the edge to make the turning under easier and it was. 

2.  After the stitching, I pinned the fabric to the inside and pressed it well with STEAM to hold it

3.  I pulled the "band" 4" to the inside and then stitched it in place with dark blue thread.  Heck if you are going to evolve you may as well go all the way.  I pressed it with STEAM to hold that crease at the edge.

4.  After another hour of stitching (I was doing laundry at the same time), I made up the bed with the new cases.

That's our Desert Nine Patch on the bed.  The back is white and it works well.  The bed runner from last winter with the colours reversed looks good on the bed with this new ensemble.  

Oh, my I've evolved there too.  "Ensemble".....not a word I use everyday!  

By the way, I'm thinking what my "word" will be next year.  I am proud of the fact I came out of my "box" this year.  I'm even doing scrappy quilts now, which at one time, would never have happened.  Of course, my scrappy and someone else's scrappy are two different things.

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Humboldt Broncos
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