Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Thanksgiving is all over

for those of us in Canada, so it's time to turn our attention to

my f.a.v.o.u.r.i.t.e season of the year.

I was cruising the internet and found some really cool stuff.

First up, one of the easiest party foods you will come across.....we call them mouth poppers.
I made these for Thanksgiving, but whatever the season they will work.  Just swap out the colour candy on top.

One mini pretzel  (I used Rold Gold)
One Hershey's kiss
One Smartie or one M & M
Place the kiss on top of the pretzel
Pop into a 350* oven for about 2 minutes
As soon as you take them out, place a Smartie on top
Set them in the refrigerator to get cool and set.
That's it!
The grands could do them.
Note to self:  You get about 50 Hershey's kisses to one bag.

Okay want more new ideas. 
I was going through the Moda Bake shop and found these.

How about a new table topper?
The directions are here and there is a printable version.  This is a great pattern for any day 
not just Christmas.  

Now for this I want you to think outside the box.

These would be perfect for so many different occasions.  
Kid's birthday parties, Hallowe'en, Thanksgiving, Easter
Make them so they guests could take them home with them.  A family would have a whole place setting.
You could just make one and give it to a child for their birthday gift.  

Here is the link:

Do you make yo-yo's?  I do sometimes in the evening, now I have something to make them for
I don't know as I would put that long a trunk on my tree.  Have to give that some thought.

Last one.  While cruising the internet one night looking for an owl pattern, I found this page.  
and yes the owls are there......on the right.....keep scrolling
I must admit there are a couple of things here I would love to make and may do so when I don't have anything else to do.  
Click on the photo of the one that interests you the most.

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