Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I've been working

on a baby quilt.  I started it way back when and it sat here.  I thought I would work on something new but it wasn't ever going to be ready for Thanksgiving so I dug this out and

plugged away at it.  The animals were a panel and I added the three fabrics from either my stash or new stuff I purchased......not recently, when I started to make this.  
Didn't want you thinking I've been on a shopping spree cause I promised it wasn't going to happen.

I finally had all the blocks together and put them up on the flannel wall.  Borders.  What would I do.

I wanted orange as the first border and after searching high and low I found the perfect fabric and yes, it was in my stash!!!!
Then I wanted to use up a yellow I had so I measured it and after dividing the measurement by 4, I cut the strips.  It isn't a wide border, just enough to give it interest.
Now the fun began.  I wanted red....
but it didn't work.
Then I thought this looked good with what I had for the binding.
although it went with the binding it didn't work on the quilt.
So, I pulled this fabric out

and guess what

it worked!  Once again I measured to see what I had and I cut the final border 3" because I had 12" of fabric.
The backing and the binding are the same fabric and I think it may have been a 
co-ordinate with the animals.

Now to get it quilted!  

Sometimes you find a link to a quilt show and you check it out and you think to yourself......"okay, that was nice."
My friend Anita has been in Saskatchewan participating in the Saskatoon Quilters Guild Quilt Show and she posted a link to it on her Facebook page.
I wish, I really, really wish I had been there.
What a fabulous show this must have been.
Two links for you to check out
The first is Anita's part one this is
Then I got this link and words cannot describe some of these quilts

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Humboldt Broncos
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