Thursday, September 26, 2013 dinner!

That is an old expression most Canadians would know.   I believe a hockey player said it many years ago and it stuck with my family.
At stitch and chat a couple of weeks ago, Robin dropped off quilts.  Three of us were expecting our creations back and none of us were disappointed.  We are never disappointed.  Robin does fantastic work.
This is Margery's.
IMG_8130Margery was in an exchange for half square triangles and added a few of her own to make this beauty.  The pattern is called Smokey Point Star and was designed by Jayne Conwell.  It was featured in The Best of Fons and Porter Star Quilts.  It is going on Margery's stack for whatever.

Karen and a few other people worked hard and fast on this quilt.  It is for a lady, Ann Weeks, who is moving back to England and she is doing it sooner than was thought.  The sewing machines were going like wildfire to get this ready.
The quilt is from Moda and its a freebie!!!!!!  It is called Mimi's Daisy Chains Quilted Throw.  The link is here

I was waiting for my "The Collection."  It's all done and ready for October 2nd.  I made the label on my computer using a feature that I never had before.  However, when I ran it off, it was blurry.  I had one sheet of label fabric left so I set about redesigning and this is now the off, looks perfect.


We are off tomorrow.  There is a quilt show in Waterloo called the "KW Quilt Show".  Simple and easy to remember.  After the show a bite of lunch then back down to Kitchener and then over to New Hamburg -- or perhaps the other way around!  I have no intentions of buying from the merchants' mall. I have no money but I do need needlepunch so I may get some of that, if I can find the kind I like.
End of the week......again!
This week's pillowcase is going to Cody.  My daughter picked the black and white fabric and if he isn't in love with it, I'm going to tell him who selected it for him.  The flat piping is solid black and I designed the band using what was left of the body fabric, black cat fabric and plain old white.  I cut the strips 2" and lined them up on the flannel wall.  I did the length 41" trimming the two ends to make it fit.  The width is 10 1/2".
I love the look of it, but boy -- on the seam side -- it is very thick.  I used my walking foot to sew the side seam.  I'm hoping it will "soften" up when it is washed.

Yeah, I'm one of those people that never pre-washes her fabric.


is my mammogram day.  
Like most women I'm not fond of it, but it is a necessity I will live with for a long, long time.  My breast cancer was found through a mammogram 7 years ago.  
I am 68 years old and unfortunately age has nothing to do with breast cancer.  Our daughter was 39 when she was diagnosed, my friend was 74, another friend was in her fifties.
I thank my doctor, my surgeon, my oncologists, the technicians at my local hospital for all the love and care they gave me while I travelled the journey.  They are all great people.
My message to all of you...........take that very few moments and have a mammogram.  Yes it hurts, but believe me, cancer will hurt you a lot more.

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Humboldt Broncos
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