Welcome to Fall

Welcome to Fall
my favourite time of the year

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Bella Sophia

Thursday, December 13, 2012

It really doesn’t matter whether

we have our dinner here at the house or at a restaurant.  A table favour is given to everyone.
This year I found a load of them and took a few ideas and made my own.
One ornament, 18 candies, 1 sprig of holly, 1 name tag with red ribbon.
The ornaments are plastic and I bought them at a sale last Christmas.  Unfortunately I can’t count, so I didn’t buy enough.  There are 13 of us with girl/boyfriends included.  I still have to go back and buy one more.  Lordy, lordy. 
I went to the bulk food store and bought a ton of Smarties Christmas candy only to find out the one I tested was smaller than most of them.  Fortunately I bought some others that slid right in.  Shucks and darn, I’ll just have to eat those Smarties!  Don’t know as I can handle that.
IMG_4921 Take the top off and put the candies in.  Yes, I counted them.  Don’t want any hard feelings this close to Christmas.  Pop the top back on and then decorate.
I ran the name tags off on the printer.  I found this cute little tree to decorate them with and then found a font I liked.  I ran them off on sort of fancy parchment card stock.  They look really good.
Punch a hole in and put the ribbon through.  Tie it at the hanger to it doesn’t get lost. 
When I was at Michaels I found this swaggy thing that was half price.  IMG_4924 These are great for taking apart and using parts and pieces of them.  It was just plastic but I used my side cutters to snip off the piece I wanted.  I dabbed that green tip thingieIMG_4925 with hot glue and then stuck it in place right where the holder part is……here IMG_4922 - Copy IMG_4926I think I might see if another piece of greenery will work on the other side of this one.  If it does I have 13 of them to “fix”……well, once I have Karl’s done that is.

by Maya Angelou

"Sometimes a small thing you do can mean everything in another person's life. When you learn, teach. When you get, give."

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