Friday, August 10, 2012

Finish it Friday

A whole new look to the blog today.  I was on another blog, loved the cleanness of it and decided it was time again to give me something fresh.  This will be here for awhile although I'm trying to change the background to brown and its not going well. 
I did it, I did it.......I finally have the colour I want.  YES!!!!
Okay, here we go for Friday the 10th of August...........5 days til the middle of the month.  The year is now movin' on!!!

If you are keeping track of me, you’ll see I finished up some things since I posted the list…….actually I’m ahead of the game.  I made two birthday cards as the ideas were swirling around in my head.
The one in front is only the back of the card cause I don’t want the person who is getting to see it.  The other is for grandson #1 who is turning 20 this year.  Want to hear about the day he was born?  Yes, I remember everyone's "birth" day.

The valance is done.  I love it and so does Kristina.  Its bright, cheerful, fun and perfect for a kitchen.  I may have to make one for me……….a bit longer to fit my window though.  I carried the “funky” feel of this piece right through to the end.  I machine quilted it and did some free motion on the leaves and the flowers.  No reason to be perfect on this.  Just let it go and if you stay on the flower, well good, but if you don’t it doesn’t matter.  I gave the leaves a bit extra too. No two are the same……….a little bit of this and a little bit of that.
When it was all quilted, we drove over to Sewing Machines etc and picked out the buttons.  They have a great selection  and between Elsa and I, we picked some great ones.
IMG_3604  I was asked if I had looked at the prices and I said no.  I didn’t care really.  Don’t ask about the one package that is covered up.  You probably don’t want to know.  I will say this……………if you are going to buy the best fabric for a project, don’t skimp on the embellishing, the thread, the batting or anything else.  It will just ruin the look of the whole thing.  My opinion only.
Okay, here it is.  I love it as I said. 
The front
the back
and with the light shining through
the neighbours get to see something nice too.
A tip for you.  After I placed the buttons where I wanted them I took photos.  It came in handy.  I took them off the valance, laid them out carefully, but when I sewed the first button down with my machine a couple of them accidentally moved.  I was kind of happy I thought of this.


I have to post this.  I’ve had it for awhile and was waiting for the right time to show it off.  Ursula has finished up a quilt too………and here it is.  Well done!  Bright, cheerful and perfect for a little one.

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Humboldt Broncos
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