Thursday, July 26, 2012

Book reviews

I just picked winners for this summer’s reading.  2012-05-30 09.01.29  Remember these?  I read one book before we left and started another.  Then I finished up the series while we were on the Island.
The books are from the Cobbled Court Quilt series.  The books are thoroughly enjoyable.  The first book deals with Evelyn who moves to the eastern seaboard after her marriage dissolves.  She opens a quilt shop and then faces breast cancer.
The books are about friendship, about people we meet and the conflicts they face.  Each book was written about some  difficult obstacle a person has to deal with in their life.  Be it a spouse’s heart attack, physical abuse, unable to have children.  The books do contain some quilting, but they don’t dwell on it, so even if you aren’t a quilter you would enjoy them.
Now, I’m going to confess, I quite reading the Elm Creek series more than 10 books ago.  I just got fed up with reading all about the previous book for the first couple of chapters.  These books do refer back but only a few lines. 
I finished up two more books.  Diane Chamberlain wrote a nice little novel about “The Good Father.”  It was a light read, just what I’m looking for during the long, lazy, hot days of summer.  I liked it.  I’m not giving a review of this one, just going to say its about a Dad who has to make some major decisions in his life and some of them just aren’t the right ones.
Last book………….Mary Kay Andrews, Summer Rental.  If this had been a movie we would all be saying “chick flick”.  It was enjoyable.  Three friends, off for a month together to Nags Head, North Carolina.  Each hold secrets that the others don’t know, but all is shared.  I read it for three days, could not put it down.
I have more to read.  These books are all going out on loan now to friends.  Yes, I do keep track of who has what.
What’s next?  Don’t know.  I still have two to go from the ridiculous amount of books I bought for holidays.  Never get enough reading in the summertime.

Now just to keep this in the quilting vein, I found this on the web last night.  I thought you might all like to give it a read.  Its worthwhile information for all of us.

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