Thursday, June 21, 2012


Have you ever heard of Flat Stanley?

This would be him

He travels all over the world visiting people and places.  One of the children of a member of our quilting forum, sent his Flat Stanley to another member so he could visit Minnesota.

That got the gals thinking over on the forum that maybe we should have a Polly Patchwork to travel between our homes and show the girls what our areas are like.

I am Miss Polly and I have arrived

hamilton 106 in Quilton's mailbox and I'm ready to see the town where she lives and go on holiday with Karl, Misty and her to the east coast.   I wandered through the gardens and stopped to smell the peonies,hamilton 105
  hamilton 107 the geraniums and
wanted so badly to taste a strawberry (which for the most part are pretty awful this year)hamilton 108 but settled for a kiss on the cheek from Misty.

hamilton 109

photos 1 024I helped to hang a new quilt in the spare room and then went down to the sewing room photos 1 026 to make a label for a quilt travelling to Prince Edward Island when we go there on holidays in only 9 days.  Quilton said I was going with them.  I’ve never been there before.  I wonder if I will see Anne of Green Gables.
photos 1 027 I was allowed to use the sewing machine to help sew down the binding on the quilt we made the label for.  It was a long day and at bedtime Quilton read me a story that is a little bit about the Island we are going to.  I don’t know whether I can wait ‘til we go.  I’m so excited and…photos 2 005 and… and… Quilton said I’m going to get a new sleeping bag and I can pick out the fabric.  How great is that?

To all of us in the northern hemisphere..............I hope your summer is fabulous.........maybe not so hot, but really good.
To those in the southern hemispher....................may your winter be mild.

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Humboldt Broncos
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