Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bordering your quilt

Before I begin this I’m going to give you a little tip I use quite frequently. 
Sometimes when you are stitching the pieces don’t lie flat as they are going through your machine and you get this:
IMG_2973 I don’t particularly want the seam to show through to the front, so I do this whenever it happens.
I take my scissors and give the corner a little clip IMG_2974 and then take it to the ironing board and give it a really good pressing.  Don’t wiggle the iron, just set it down and give it a blast of steam.IMG_2975
The seam won’t show through to the front.
Finished size of this quilt is 50” x 60”
Okay the borders. 
Border #1 (my black)
Cut 2…….1 3/4” x 36 1/2” for the top and the bottom.  (I’m keeping the same setting in the borders as in the blocks.)
Cut 3…….1 3/4” x W.O.F. and join together. Then cut 51” for the sides of the quilt.
Border #2 (grey)
Cut 2…….1 3/4” x 39 1/4” for the top and the bottom.
Cut 3…….1 3/4” x W.O.F. and then sub-cut for the sides.  The measurement  is 53 1/2” and you will need one for each side.
Border #3 (black)
Measure the width of your fabric. If you have enough width for a 41 3/4” strip you will only need 2 cuts of 1 3/4”.  If not, you will need
3 strips of 1 3/4” to get your 2 strips.
Usually, a solid fabric is wider than a print.  I’m using a solid so I was able to do it with only 2 strips.
For the sides you will need
3 strips of 1 3/4” x W.O.F. Measurement is…..56”
Border #4 (grey)
3 strips of 4” x W.O.F.  Measurement is 44”.  The cut is 4” x 44” for both the top and the bottom.
I used the what was left over from the top and bottom cuts and cut 3 strips x W.O.F. x 4”.  The length was 63”.  The cut is 4” x 63”.
Pin and then sew them on.  The grand finale…….it will be here tomorrow.

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