Friday, May 18, 2012

So what do you do…………….

after you take a class?  I go home and practice, practice, practice.  I highly recommend it.
IMG_2548  I took off the thread we used at the store and used different ones.  Some on smaller cones so I used the tops and different colours.  Gold, hot pink, soft pink, lime green………….the green didn’t go through the green holder, it went through the blue.  Had trouble with the blue, but only once!  I will be doing it again and again over the next few days.
IMG_2551  I used the same method taught by Elsa on what to do with the thread at the beginning and finishing off.  I never learned that before and practice will make close to perfect.
IMG_2553  I used the table that came with my serger to take the weight of the fabric.  This was only cotton, but if I was making a quilt it would be heavy and the support would not put strain on the needles.
IMG_2554  If you have to pin anything when working with a serger, make sure they are no where near where your cutter bar will be going through.  Believe me that is the last thing you want to happen. 
Then I made something.  I found this pattern on line for a neat little tote from here.  I made it differently, of course.
This doesn’t call for lining but I decided to.  Wrong decision!
IMG_2555  This is the lining right sides together with the bag.  I didn’t leave an opening to turn it.  Sheesh!!!!!
I took my seam ripper and opened up the side seam as little as possible. I tied the threads off and turned right side out.  It worked! 
The only thing I would do differently the next time is put some interfacing behind where the button is going to be sewn down.  It will give it some strength.  I would also do “my straps” with fusible interfacing too.  Yes, I would definitely use my serger to make it.
Here it is…………….
IMG_2557  and all rolled up     IMG_2558
and ready to go to the next quilt show.
I’m sorry there has been little quilting or sewing this week.  My PC has been in the sick bay at Staples.  Its a long story, but I’m picking it up today.  I didn’t want to load up our laptop as this is our holiday computer.  Tuesday I hope to be back to normal --- well as normal as things get on here.
Monday we are celebrating our Queen’s Birthday.  It started with Queen Victoria and continues on to this day.  Three days for those that work to do what they want, when they wantQueen elizabeth
and fireworks too.  Its suppose to be fabulous weather so we are planning a bar-be-que.  See you all Tuesday.

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Humboldt Broncos
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