Friday, April 27, 2012

This is fun!

On Wednesday afternoon, I had my new pants all shortened (all 3 pairs) and I decided this was it.  I was going to do it.  I did.  I had fun.
Remember this book
b1111_c and the link I gave you last week.  Well I took it off the shelf and read a few pages.
I dug out the supplies…….crayoning 075iron, (the old one because it heats up to a nice hot temperature), the leaf, the crayons, the pressing sheet, the little ironing board and I set to work.
crayoning 078These are the first two colours applied.  I thought I goofed with the green, but Mother Nature is not perfect and she does things her way.  I’ll just keep telling myself that and then I may be convinced of it.
I followed the instructions to a “T”.  They are fabulous.  Terri is very very thorough.
crayoning 079 Look how beautifully that crayon puddled on the sheet.  It was hot and when I touched the crayon to it, it just melted away.
crayoning 081
I took the leaf back to the light table and marked on the veins with the pigma pen and then followed the rest of the instructions.
crayoning 083
My crayons are now nicely organized in their boxes…….yes, I have two.  These are mine.  No one is allowed to touch them.  The grands have their own.
crayoning 084                    crayoning 085
I have to find my coloured pencils.  They seem to have been placed somewhere and I don’t know where that somewhere is.
I’m going to be doing more of this.  It will add a whole new look to wall hangings or even a lovely homemade card.
Thanks for writing the book Terri.  Its one I’m really going to enjoy.

By the way, if you take a piece of paper towelling and wipe away the little bit of melted crayon you have left behind on the pressing sheet, it will be gone.  You can then use the sheet for which it was intended.

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Humboldt Broncos
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