Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Oh my goodness

have I got a book for you.

Karl and I popped into Chapters a bit ago to pick up a gift card for the birthday boy and I went wandering.  I needed a book to read which I found and then as I was walking back to find Karl -- we go our separate ways in the store -- I spied this!

I got home, read the first page and put it down.  I didn't have time to have a good read.  I have read the book and enjoyed every doggone minute of it.

The first chapter is called "Its not my fault".................blaming someone else for her addiction and it brings a smile to your face as you read cause you can see yourself in every sentence.  I can only blame Canadian Living magazine for posting a photo of a quilt and I like it and the rest as they say is history.

There is a chapter on jackets and the compliments she has received when she wears them.  I love making jackets and have 3 in my closet.  This one in particular garners a lot of compliments.  I have worn it all winter with the exception of a couple of days.  A sweater underneath was all that I needed. 

It is always the same thing that people notice first.  From cashiers in the grocery stores, to the gentleman collecting for the Sally Ann, the words are the same.....  I love the pockets.
Our daughter calls this my Christmas jacket. 

This jacket is a "between" jacket.  If needs be I wear a long sleeve tee-shirt underneath.  I taught this at a workshop.  I love it.  Its comfy.

This jacket isn't reversible.  I put some silky lining in the sleeves so I could put a long sleeve tee on and it would slide down without the flannel grabbing it.  Flannel tends to do that.  It was a good suggestion from the girl in the shop where I purchased the fabric for my "Christmas" jacket. 

This is the label. I fused some fusible web to the back of one of the flowers, fused it in place and then sewed around the edge.  I wrote this label, something I don't do anymore.

This was the last jacket I made.  Janet Rhind taught a workshop which I participated in.  I saw the range of fabrics in Hancocks catalogue, so I selected what I needed and took it from there. I had one person tell me they wouldn't work for this jacket.  She was surprised to find at the end, that they did. This is my spring jacket and its going to Ottawa with me, when we go up in May.

I put buttons at the corners as the points kept poking me in the chin.  I was not amused.                        

This is the back.
This is the inside and the jacket is totally reversible, if you leave a label off.
I 've one more jacket planned.  It will be a fall jacket.  My friend Jan, sent me some beautiful fat quarters one year for Christmas and they are going into the jacket.  I think I need a couple more pieces so I should be keeping my eyes open for them when I go out shopping.  They are all washed and ready to go. 


is a special day.
This is the day in 1971 that a very special young lady was born.
Her name is Kristina Lyn Vad Andersen Jay
and she is our daughter.

Happy, happy birthday love
We'll see you later.

She resembles her Mom, but has her Dad's personality.  Thank God!  She inherited her Bedstemor's delicate hands and can make the best bread and buns you have ever tasted.

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Humboldt Broncos
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