Thursday, March 29, 2012

Jelly roll for the wee ones

I wanted to try a smaller version of the jelly roll, but couldn't find the right fabrics until~~

I went downstairs, opened up a box and lo and behold there was a line of fabric I had completely forgotten about.  I bought it at the Quilt Junction in Waterford at a quilt show almost a year ago.  I had never used it because I didn't like the pattern provided with the kit.  Fussy?  Me?  No! 

The line of fabric is called Tree Huggers by Studio Fabrics and it really is the cutest. 

For a finished quilt that measures about 32" x 44", you will need 19 strips of fabric, cut the width of fabric................about 40".  I had 7 different designs from the line, so I cut 3 strips of fabric from 5 different pieces.  The cuts were 2 1/2" wide.  That gave me 600".  From the last 2 fabrics I cut 2 strips each at 2 1/2" wide and in total I had 760".  I did trim off the first fabric to about 18" so you get the right angle going in different places.

I sewed them together the same way that you would the larger quilt.  I got away with one bobbin and that was probably by sheer luck, although it seems the Sapphire bobbins do hold a little bit more thread.  Could be the thread was finer too.
I lost count, but I think I did 5 seams, the same as the large one.  You'll know when you get near the end whether to do one more or not.  Sorry, not much help there.
This photo really shows the fabrics well.  I really liked this line for a little one, but when you buy a kit instead of yardage you are limited in what you can do with it.

This is it, the finished top.  A lot of orange across the bottom and as you can see the directional fabrics are all heading helter skelter, here and there, but do you think a little one will really care?  I don't. 

This is the backing.  I had one large piece, but not large enough so I'm sewing the brown to the top.  It too is directional and I want it running lengthwise, not widthwise.
The zig-zag is going to be the binding. 

This was a try.  If I ever do one again, I'm going to find 19 fabrics and I hope all in light tones, creams, soft pinks, soft mauves, soft greens and then I'm going to sew great big huge flowers on it.  I've seen it done..................sort of...................and I want to give it a go.

Charleen is seriously considering making great big fish for her top and sewing them on.  It does have an aquatic feel to it.  You can take a look at yesterday's posting and see what I mean.

Tomorrow -- it's done!

Gee whiz

its been a year.

A year ago today, a wee kitten came to live at our house.

She sat in the palm of Karl's hand and slept the first night between us on the bed.  That amazed me.  Karl has never permitted animals on his bed.  A lot of things have happened in the past year.  She had a holiday in Prince Edward Island, went on other camping trips as well.  She goes on day trips occasionally and just recently you all heard about her trials with her infection which looks like it has finally cleared up or its well on its way.  Thank you for all the kind words.  Hopefully she will be with us for a long, long time
cause we love her a bushel and a peck.
We think its reciprocated.

Yes, she is a big girl.  I never ever thought she would be.

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