Sunday, February 5, 2012

It is the fifth of February

February…… is…………..

grand, wonderful, everlasting.  You can apply the word that fits you best.

In the centre of each pattern is a + .  Fold your square of fabric into quarters and find the centre and then you can trace or apply your pattern and it should be centred on your block.

 For the embroidery:  Trace the pattern onto your block the same way as last month.  Place that same piece of freezer paper behind and using your favourite pen trace around all the areas you want to have on your block.  You may opt to use only 2 hearts.  It’s your quilt, it’s your choice.  Photo #1 is my finished block.

For the fusible method:  Turn the pattern over and trace the pieces onto the fusible web. Mark the number onto the paper as this is the numerical order you place them on your block.  There is no embroidery this month unless you are doing the name of the month.  Once again, I recommend you embroider it first, then do the fusing.

You will see I did one heart in a light colour, almost a cream.  You probably don’t want to see the red from the blocks behind, so this is what you can do.  Apply a piece of fusible interfacing (photo #2) to the back of the light coloured fabric. THEN, you fuse the traced pattern web to the back on top of the interfacing. (photo #3).  Cut out and apply to your block in the proper sequence.

#2                                                    #3

I decided while doing my blanket stitch on the February BOM that I was going to use the same thread throughout regardless of the colour of the fabric.  It is from Connecting Threads and kind of a brown tone, so it should work for everything I have planned.

When I take it off the sewing machine it goes in the box along with the completed blocks, my patterns, the bobbin, anything I need while working on this project.  Then it gets put away until next month and everything is where I need it.  No stealing from the box for other things.

#4                             ©B.Andersen, January 8, 2012

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Humboldt Broncos
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