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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Check another off the list

I asked granddaughter #2 where to get her gift card from.  She said Indigo and then we could go together and shop after Christmas.
I came home and thought about what I could give her to go with it.  The tiny little light bulb came on.
A pillow to put behind her as she props herself up on the bed to read.  I texted her brother to make sure she was still loving foxes and plaid!  Odd combination, but it can work!
The fabric is from Cotton and Steel
and it is beautiful to work with.  I loaded it on the long arm and opted for a simple stippling design.
 I had the thread all picked out in my mind but I didn't have it and I wasn't travelling 20 minutes to get it.  I tried another and it blended in beautifully.
 and believe it or not, it is call Fig!

 no idea what happened to the colours here, but this is dark brown!!
 Look how that thread blends in and doesn't take away from the foxes.  That was so important this time.

There was no plaid that worked with this fabric,
so we opted for a flannel check and I still have to buy some buttons for this.
Now the best part is.......
the last time I was in Indigo they gave me a gift card holder because I spent so much money....yes it happens with me when I get in that store.
So she will get the plaid after all.
and inside that envelope is a gift card that has plaid on the one side.  Boy, did we score on this one.

As an aside......
she also suggested Amazon.
I don't shop Amazon
In my humble opinion they are just out there to put everyone else out of business.
I love my stores
I love my Canadian stores
I can get delivery from my book store
I don't need and I don't want Amazon and I really wish a few more people
felt the same, because the day will come when those stores won't be around
and all these people will say
"What happened?"

by Maya Angelou

"Sometimes a small thing you do can mean everything in another person's life. When you learn, teach. When you get, give."

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