Sometimes a small thing you do
can mean everything in another person's life

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

In honour 
Corporal Nathan Cirillo
shot down
in the 
line of duty
The National War Memorial
Ottawa, Ontario

Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent
by a
hit and run driver
St. Jean-sur-Richelieu

Rest in Peace
thank you for serving our country.

My friend Susan

a.k.a. "Aus", went on holiday to Florida in the late summer. When she returned she came for a visit with a little present for me.  She is always so kind.
This was it.
I pondered what to make with the 2 yards of fabric.
I came up with many ideas and then
Susan suggested an apron.  
I went in search of a fairly new pattern I have acquired and 
then went searching for co-ordinating fabrics.
The one with the little circles would be the lining

and that dark, dark ruddy brown would accent the apron.

I did my cutting.....not properly, but I did it only to correct it later
and sat for an hour or two sewing away while the washing machine
did it's thing.

I needed one button for the wee bit of trim at the top
but I found these in my "fancy" button jar
so they were going to be sewn on instead.
here it is

Thank you Susan for always being so thoughtful.  

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Friday's Fabulous Females

I remembered my camera this month when I went out the door to stitch and chat.  So glad I had it.
Karen is working on this piece.  I don't know how many hexagons there are.  I hope I get to see the finished piece.  If I do, I'll get a photo for you
Jackie is our hand quilter.  Her work is amazing
Ursula is finishing off a quilt that I taught about the Underground Railroad
Look!  I'm famous.  I'm on a label
This is the piece Freda was working on.  It is for her granddaughter.
Margery will have this ready for Hallowe'en.  
I was given a little gift.  It came in this
and that bag held these gorgeous neutral fat quarters
Thank you so very much Elaine.

They go so well with what I've collected so far.
I'm thinking maybe I'm done.....then and again, I haven't found a pattern yet 
sooooooooo I just might have to add a few more.

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