Sometimes a small thing you do
can mean everything in another person's life

Thursday, April 17, 2014

I took a wee break

I'm still at the pile of "stuff" in the sewing room.  It should be going down, but for some reason I'm not seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.
I took a little break one Saturday morning and did this:
I gathered a bunch of odds and ends from the garbage bucket and started to cut them
I grabbed a Folger's can that was in storage (for what purpose I do not know)
popped a bit of sand in the bottom, then some paper
and after spending a few minutes cutting I put everything on top of the paper.
I took my thread catcher and put all those little bits in too
Then I took the bucket outside and hid it amongst the euonymus that is growing against the fence
I had noticed a Robin in there a few days before and I know they nest amongst the branches.
I wouldn't have been out there, but Margery mentioned to me that she had one hearty crocus blooming in her garden so I went to see if anything had decided to pop up in this bed.  There was nothing and honestly I didn't think so.  This bed is open to all the elements.

When I wrote this column no crocus were to be found......look at them now

I have a little tip for you today.  I thought of it last night while I fiddled and fooled at the computer while Karl watched his tv show.

If you are in a quilt shop, ask if their fat quarters were cut by them, or they purchased them through a supplier.
If cut by the store, they are probably cut metric, about 20" x half the width.  If cut by the manufacturer they will be cut 18" x half the width.
That two inches can make a difference when you are cutting your fat quarter for piecing.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Lots of planning being done

We are off to our favourite Island in less than 80 days.
Our daughter and two granddaughters are joining us this year.  We arrive on a Sunday and they fly in the next day.  Plans and lots of them, are being made.
July 1st we are spending the afternoon in the capital, Charlottetown, where in 1864 talks were held to amalgamate what little there was of Canada at that time.  We are celebrating 150 years!  The talks ~~ not the actually signing of the papers.
Once our afternoon is done, we are going to travel up to Prince Edward Island National Park so the girls can see Dalvay by the Sea.  This is a magnificent building that was in one of the most famous Canadian tv series.......Road to Avonlea.  It was called the White Sands Inn in that series. 
The Royals, William and Kate spent an afternoon here when they visited Canada a few years ago. 
Then we'll stop at Richards to tuck into some fabulous fish and chips or whatever they want to eat that day.
They want to drive over Confederation Bridge, so plans are afoot to do that one day and then drive to the Bay of Fundy to walk on the ocean floor.  We'll put on our old shoes to do that
Other plans are in the works.  I'd like to take them to Thunder Cove, Cavendish, North Cape, East many things to see, so little time!


Have you cleaned out your sewing machine lately?  I did mine yesterday afternoon when I changed the bobbin.
these were the tools I used.  If you have the tweezers from a serger they work beautifully.