Sometimes a small thing you do
can mean everything in another person's life

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Happy Anniversary to "the old fella"

49 years ago today we were married in a small church ceremony.  I was the happiest girl in the world.  I didn't even realize just how great he was, but every year it just gets better and better.
I'm going to leave you with some links to some sites today.
Irene sent this to me.  It's for a new BOM that is starting soon.  You have to sign up for it.
I love this.  I am going to have to get one made, just for me.
As it happens to be our anniversary, I thought this was appropriate.  I love the colors of this and I have the perfect fabrics for it.  Perhaps, I'll take the time and make this up.  It would make a great Christmas gift for someone you love too.
I really searched for this one.  I wanted something for fall and after an hour I found this.  I love the name of it and if you have your yellows, oranges, browns, greens, reds hanging around, this  is how to use some of them.

OR maybe you just want to make a runner
 It's not easy finding free

but, I found this one
 I really like this idea and I'm thinking of gathering my fall assortment of fabrics and perhaps making it up.  A nice jelly roll would be good.  I'll have to go searching for one.

That's it. I did a lot of searching and these are what I found.  Yeah, I definitely like this last one.....
oh-oh, found something.  
I just saw these on Facebook over the week-end.  How timely is this?

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Quilt #3

This turned out to be a real challenge.  What I had in mind and what worked out were two different things.  It would also help if I could do math!
My original plan was to take 2 1/2" squares....9 of them.....and sew them to a blue strip 2 1/2" x 20".  Then for the next row....2 1/2" squares........7 of them......and sew them to a blue strip 2 1/2" wide.  I was going to use 3 different blues and alternate the rows.  I had 8 done, placed them on the wall and stood there stunned.  It looked terrible......great in my mind, but just not looking good with the actual work.  I had to do some fast thinking.  That didn't happen, so I walked away for the day.
 I thought perhaps this might work......nope.  Didn't like it.

I tried again with a different dark blue.......not cutting it either. 
 I tried all of these and then....
 I spotted this on the table and wow!  Time to redesign this quilt

 and this is it.  I saved it.

As usual, I took it outside in the natural light once it was all sewn together.  The breeze was blowing again....... in the front yard........
and in the backyard

but I did get one photo

I need to grow so I can take photos up closer~~~or perhaps, just put them at my height, which is close to the ground ~~  so I don't have so far to fall.
The backing is purchased.  I found this great flannel over at the Quilt Junction that will work beautifully with it.
My next challenge is to make a quilt that is gender neutral.  I'm thinking maybe greys and whites.  We'll see.

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