Sometimes a small thing you do
can mean everything in another person's life

Thursday, December 18, 2014

A funny thing happened on the way

to completion!
I cut all my fabrics
packed up all my gear
and headed off to
Sewing Machines, etc.,
for my workshop on
Folded Fabric Star Trivet.
I was working along beautifully,
but not happy with my results
Here is a close up of what I wasn't exactly over the moon with
the centre is off, the points are off
and yes, I know
driving by at 35 MPH you won't notice,
but I know it's there
and there it wasn't going to stay.
I came home, sat down with a coffee
and took the whole thing apart.
I worked on it for a few hours after supper
and this is what I ended up with.......
one row to go
I used my good steam iron to press everything over
along with a spritz of water and a spritz of Mary Ellen's Best Press
Crisp, sharp points!
I sewed it differently too.
I used invisible thread and only stitched right down through the middle
of every prairie point.  
I figured as you layered the pieces,
that would hold it in place.
So far so good.
I auditioned two fabrics for the binding.....
the cream didn't make the cut

Well, here is the original 

which after consideration was changed.  My points didn't turn out "spot on" because I cut it wrong.  I used my pizza pan, but it wasn't centred and some points were cut off and others were overlapping.  I know better!  I've been sewing/quilting long enough to know you centre your pattern on your work and because I didn't, I "undid" the final row.
I recut the final row with another fabric and recut.......
Wouldn't you know, I did it again!!!
So, we stopped into Sewing Machines, etc., which has a wonderful button collection and bought some great little buttons.
and then I sewed them at the tip of every star point.
Now I was happy,
Karl was happy
and it is now usable.
Yes, I know you shouldn't get your knickers in a knot about the small stuff
but the small stuff was getting to me.

Okay, now onto my next project.
I received some sad news this week from a friend 
and then yesterday 
happy news reached my ears.
Congratulations to my friend Jennifer and her husband in Australia
and to her son and daughter-in-law on the arrival of their  
new baby boy.
What a wonderful early Christmas gift.


I am done the November block.  It took me two tries, but this one I'm happy with.
I wanted something different than a penguin with clothes on.  I went back in the series to block 2 and set this gal up with a great big heart!  I had a small piece of "Scandinavian" fabric left over from a previous project and used that for the heart.
 I set it a little on an angle to give it some ....... I don't know ....... pizzazz maybe?  Quirkiness?  Perhaps.  I do know I like how I did it.
 To centre the block it measures in 1 3/4" from both sides ......
and approximately 1 3/8" from the top/bottom.

I'm much happier with this block now.
If you would like a copy of this block because, like me, you have you go.
Click on the page and then look at the top.  There is a little tiny printer there and click on that. You will need to print out the three pages.  I tried to make it two, but the pieces are quite large.
Okay, the December block is done as well.  Once again I changed it!  I thought this block and block number one were just too much alike, so I opted for presents in the stocking.  I am going to buy the "real mccoy" ribbon and put that on the parcels.
Shoot, I just noticed one of my penguins is falling to one side!  I'll have to fix that ---- if I can.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


The last of the Christmas sewing is done.  I had a few last minute things to make, but on Saturday, December 6th, I sewed down a binding and tucked the gift away.  It felt so good.
I decided to make a sewing machine organizer.  I have one for every machine I own and I love them.  You can tuck in your screw driver, your -- uhum, reverse stitcher --, and use it for a pin cushion.  My tiny brush for my machine is in one of the pockets too.
Barb found this pattern years ago on the Rainy Day Quilt School website.  They don't take long to make, perhaps a half day of sewing.
I decided to use a really cute fabric that I had in stock..........I thought it was rather perfect with the tape measure on it.

  When it came time to quilt it, I opted for a "fancy" stitch on my machine.  I intended to follow the lines in the fabric.  Here's a tip for Husqvarna for their walking feet.  Mark the centre of the foot!  It would make it so much easier for the stitcher if they want to follow a straight line.  I marked mine with a red Pigma pen.  I have no idea how long it will last, but it was long enough for what I wanted to do.
This is it!  All done.

We are tucking a gift card into one of the pockets and I'm going to find either a screw driver or a spool cap.   You know, those caps that keep the spool of thread in place.  
Now I can sew to my heart's content doing some penguin blocks.  I am so far behind on them!

The column that I posted on Friday in regards to Ronald McDonald House was in memory of two wee girls...........granddaughters of two of my friends.  One lived for about 4 months after her birth and the other little girl passed away from a brain tumour around the age of 4.
One of the Moms stayed at Ronald McDonald House so she could be close to her little daughter.
I wrote to my one girlfriend (she doesn't read the blog every day) and this was her response.
And yes, I cried when I read it.

  Thank you for your thoughtfulness.   This was truly one of the best Christmas gifts that anyone has ever given me and my family.  The quilt is beautiful .
Thank you again for generous donation of the quilt in memory of our granddaughter and for Sarah.

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