Thursday, January 17, 2019

Buttermilk Basin

As you know

we have this amazing cat called Buddy
who unfortunately, likes thread!  He gets that stuff in and swallows it and then gets rushed to the vets and gets operated on.  ONCE!!  Since then this is what I have done.
While it is still on the machine I take hair elastics and wrap the bobbins.  I take a long golf tee and hold them all together with the cone of thread
I wrap the cone in netting which I buy through Cottonmill Threadworks......I believe there are over a hundred in that little plastic bag.  I haven't used them all yet.
Then the cones go into my totes which have lockable lids.  I snap everything shut in case they ever get knocked on the floor.
Spools of thread go in those scrapbook containers in numerical order.  No, I'm not fussy!


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