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Quilton’s Calendar Quilt 2012

Before I begin let me just say that this quilt is my design. I drew the blocks so therefore this quilt is now protected under copyright laws. I would sincerely appreciate it if you would run off copies only for yourself. If your friends would like copies please direct them to the site so that they can run off their own. It is illegal to distribute this pattern without my written permission.

Thank you all.

When I designed this quilt top I wanted to use up my new lime green fat quarters. I decided that the sashings would be various shades of green therefore my fabric amounts will be given in two different ways. One with the same colours and one that you can fiddle and fool with.

Fabric requirements…………….based on finished 9” blocks

Cream/white background……………..5/8 yard ~~ .6 metres ****

Various colours for sashing……………fat eighths (I used 4 different colours)

One colour for sashing………………….5/8 yard ~~ .6 metres

Inner border……………………………….. ½ yard ~~ .5 metres

Cornerstones……………………………….fat quarter

Outer border………………………………1/2 yard ~~ .5 metres

Cut all background pieces 10” square. It doesn’t matter if you are doing embroidery or applique. We will trim them down when completed to 9 ½” for a 9” finished block. You will need 12 blocks.

Depending on the method you use, you will need the following:

fusible web ~~ I use Steam A Seam ~~ personal preference. Use the product that you like that you get the best results from.

embroidery floss ~~ (I used green DMC 904. It’s your choice, it’s your quilt.) You will need various shades for bits and bobs in some blocks. I’ll tell you as we get to them. If I told you now you may guess what I've been planning.

thread ~~ seems a weird thing to mention, but when I do fusible web, I use my sewing machine and blanket stitch around the various pieces. That is my preference. You can do whatever stitch you like. Sometimes I use all the same colour throughout and sometimes I co-ordinate. Once again your choice.

freezer paper ~~ you can use this on the back of your squares when you are tracing the pattern onto them. Iron the waxed side to the back of the fabric and when you have finished the tracing, remove the paper. Save it! It can be used over again.

stabilizer ~~ there are a load of them out on the market these days. I don’t recommend one over the other but I do suggest not using one of the water soluble varieties. I just prefer not getting my work wet while I’m working on it. Your quilt, your choice. (I’ll tell you what I use and then you can pick out what you want. Graph paper!!!!! I put it on the back, do my blanket stitch and then tear away. You do have to get those little bits out between the stitching and for that I use a pair of tweezers. I don’t recommend this for the satin stitch. Ask me why.)

A girl I know found this information on the web:

And then there is this information:

The idea of this quilt is to use up your stash. I have stash in 3 rooms and it’s time for it to go. The quilt is meant to be fun. It’s easy, it’s simple and the blocks are do-able in less than a day.

Find yourself a box, a see through bag, something, anything to store everything in and you’ll be ready to go every month.

The blocks will be posted every month on the 5th day of the month regardless of which day of the week it falls on from January 2012 to December 2012. A new quilt will be featured on January 5th, 2013 at which time this year’s quilt will be taken down. You'll notice I didn't mention a time. Somedays I sleep in, but I'm always up before noon.

There are a few layouts I’ve fiddled with for this quilt. This is the one that I’ll be providing the instructions for at the end. It doesn't mean this is the one you have to do. This is the one I've provided the yardage for.
This page will be available as part of the pattern for the year. You can find a PDF over on "PAGES" under 2012 Calendar Quilt .

Now let me just say this......the reason this quilt came about was because my friend Gloria mentioned on our quilting forum that I should design my own quilt. I thought about it for awhile and on Christmas Day I came up with ideas for 12 months and then started to draw. First on EQ7 and then pencil to paper. I hope you enjoy and thank you Gloria for spurring me on.

If you loose track of things you can always come back here too. Look over on the right hand side.......see the "labels" section. If you click there on 2012 Calendar Quilt, it will take you to all the pages that will be published.

                                                       ©B.Andersen, January 3, 2012 copyright

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