Friday, December 9, 2011

Better late than never

It's all done. Nine days late but I got it finished and I'm really happy with the results.  For the BOM for December I knew what I was going to make way back last July so there are no excuses for this being late.  It could have been done and up ~~  good grief in November!

I found the pattern in a book called A Critter Christmas by Brandywine Design.  I'm going to start the whole quilt in January and do it as a BOM for the year and then have it quilted.  If I do some thinking, I could quilt as I go, join as I go and do the whole dang thing.  I should try that.  May save myself a buck or two.

Here it is.................remember this from Tuesday?  I laid some poly batting on the back of the tree as an experiment.  Oh, wow, do I love how this turns out.  Let me show you

Just look at the dimension in the tree.  It gives it some poof and wouldn't this work well for the BOM being offered by Lecien ~~  Vintage Tiles Revisted

I added a bit of "bling" to the piece.  I glue those little devils on with tacky glue and hope I never, ever have to wash this piece.  I wouldn't have done this months ago, but I'm embellishing and bedizening everything since I took that card making class. 

Here it is...........December's BOM for the Andersen household.  I love it and this one will not be a re-do as August's will be. 

Up until Christmas I'm going to show Christmases past with our family.  They will be randomly selected from the old photo books.

This is Peter's first Christmas in 1967.  He was 4 days old when the photo was taken.  Someone said I bet he got gipped cause his birthday was so close to Christmas.  He never did.  We made sure he had a party the week-end before and then he was given his gifts and we went out for supper to wherever he wanted to go.  I remember several trips to McDonald's restaurants in snowstorms. 

Have a good week-end everyone.  I'm planning on baking and doing a bit of sewing.  No company coming.  We have a few gifts left to buy ~~ 5 to be precise and then we are done and with the baking done, we will be ready! 

Monday, Paul's gift!  It will be done.

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Humboldt Broncos
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