Monday, August 15, 2011

August Miss Birdie

Sometimes you have to thank Mother Nature for giving you a 95* day.  That was the temperature on August 1st.  It was humid too, so being outdoors just was not to be considered.  I stayed indoors and completed in less than one day my block of the month for Miss Birdie.  I was quite proud of myself.

This is a sunflower that Karl grew a couple of summers ago.  (Thank you Karl for never deleting your photos from the computer.)  It was a new variety and we loved them.  So did the birds and the squirrels.

The block of the month for August featured a sunflower.  So I decided to do the same colours.  It took awhile to select the floss, but I'm pleased with how it turned out.  There are four different floss colours in the petals of the flower.  I did think about putting in some seed beads and then dropped that idea like it was a hot potato...................or a hot August day!

My little bird this month is the American Goldfinch.  They come around about this time of the year and start to nibble away at different things growing in the garden.  As soon as the seeds are ready in the sunflower they will be there steadily.

I've just had a thought.  I think I'll go back and do some cross-hatching in the crown of the bird.  May look a little better. Right now it's looking kind of "odd"

This is Linda's block.  Linda embroidered a little blue bird and gave him some grass to stand on.

And Gloria did the same type of bird.  I mentioned to Gloria over on the forum that I hadn't seen a bluebird since I was out west the last time.  They really are pretty little things.

This is Irene's who will be off on holiday shortly.  We won't see her September block until she returns, but I think the rest of us will have them done and ready to show.

Tomorrow..................a free tutorial for you on how to make pillowcases.................


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