Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Done, done, done!

Okay, before I begin, I am healthy again.  I spent two days feeling sorry for myself and lying about on the sofa, and the next three days just not up to snuff.  All is fairly well now.  What a virus it was!  Two friends had it at the same time.  Wonder where we got it?  Maybe we don't want to know.

but I did it my way.  This was the pattern for the BOM of the little birdies...........remember from yesterday.....

Now someone suggested maybe this was done as it would be the centre block, so I went and checked the pattern.  There are 12 blocks, 3 to each row, 4 rows.  That means no centre block.........well, in my book anyway.

When I taught I gave this piece of advice.  "A pattern is only a guideline."  You can take that pattern and make it personal, soooooooooooooooooooooo, I took my own advice.  I made it personal!

Early last week, a little bird flew into the front window.  It happens a lot at our house as we have this wonderful bay window to open up our view of the front yard.  Karl told me to look, I didn't see a thing, but he did.  Out we went and back in I hastened.  I grabbed my camera and started to shoot.  He was only shaken up a bit, so Karl picked him up and started to stroke his back and talk to him.  Isn't he beautiful?

This is a Magnolia Warbler.  I have never seen one before and this guy left our property as soon as he was able.  He'll probably tell everyone else to avoid the place with the big window!  It could cause bodily harm.

Here is my block for June.  Momma and her baby.  Momma is ready to feed her young one. 

I really do like this so much better than the original.  It isn't as cluttered.................I don't like clutter when all the others are crisper and cleaner.

This is Irene's..............she wasn't happy with the block either and this is her rendition.
When I grow up, I'm going to embroider like Irene does.

Angie left a comment yesterday saying the colours were too light on the original block.  I have to agree.  My background is the back side of a fabric I've had for a very long time and the first block I embroidered I did three times!  The first time I did the bird in the colours suggested by the designer.  When I laid the block on the back of the sofa I couldn't see anything.  It just faded away.  I took all the stitching out and re-did until I was happy with it.  I know there is no way this block..............

will ever be seen other than up close.  Its a shame after all the work that has been put into it.

So here is your tip for the day............................After your work is completed, place it at a distance and take a look.  If you are indecisive about it, leave it, walk away and come back later.  It may take a day or two to decide.  Don't rush.  Its better to take your time than to make a decision you may not be happy with.

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Humboldt Broncos
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