Thursday, March 3, 2011

I did it!

Since I bought EQ6 I have so wanted to design a quilt.......................which I did!  I made it up too.  My son and daughter-in-law were the lucky recipients. 

I wanted one for me.  I have done it!!  Its not big, a wallhanging for the month of April, but I did it.  As I told you last week, I'm not a "drawer".  I can do it, but it takes me days!  I draw it, I fix it, I unfix it, I refix it.  Then its done ~~ maybe.

So I cheated. I typed into Google, bunny rabbit clip art images, or some such thing and up came this along with a thousand other ones.  It was posted by  I love him.

Then I went to work on EQ.  It took me about an hour to come up with the design.  I went on the net in search of my fabrics and then other times I just picked from what was offered on the software.  This is April BOM for CTTQ.  Its mine, all mine and I love it!

There is no top border.  I didn't want one.  This is going to hang in the bathroom on the rod I have in there.  Since I started this BOM with the girls, each and every one has been given this place of honour. 

The other stipulation was -- I couldn't buy any new fabric for them.  That was hard this time, as I knew what I wanted for the border.  This is left-over from the jacket I made last year.  It is fun fabric and I love it.  I should have bought more, no maybe not. 

What would go with it?  That was the question.  The background is going to be turquoise not white, but the bunny will be white with that lovely pink.  The inner border will be green and the second border will be just about what you see here. 

I was going to post the final outcome of the wallhanging, but I changed my mind.  This is for April so I'll post it then along with some of the ones the girls on the forum have done.

Its our 3rd grandson's birthday today.  This is our daughter's first born.  His name is Cody and he is 16 today.
I remember the day well.  Tomorrow we get to take him out for supper to his favourite fish and chip place.  The first time I ever cooked fish while I looked after him, I put a small piece on his plate and sat him down at his table and chair.  The next thing I knew the plate was handed back with the words "more please".  He hadn't touched the fries, but wanted more fish. One time when we did take him for his fish and chips, he saved the seeds from the lemon and planted it when we got home.  Unfortunately it never did grow!  Its getting to be tradition now we take him for fish and chips.  Happy Birthday Codes!

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Humboldt Broncos
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