Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy spring!!

Did you ever think last December when we rolled into winter that this day would come?  We made it through the snow, the bitter winds, those freezing temperatures and now its onto warmer days, brighter sunshine and flowers in the garden.  It won't be long now.  I can feel it in my bones.

I finished up the jacket for Morgan.  remember I mentioned I had sewn the yokes on wrong.  Well, not me, but it was my fault.  I pinned them on for Morgan to sew and crud and corruption I pinned them wrong.  I didn't even notice until I went to sew the sleeves in.  Sheesh!  I picked them out and did the same thing a second time.  Third time as the saying goes was a charm.
easy does it

I decided to work ahead and get it finished.  I didn't tell Morgan what I was doing, but I knew she would have trouble doing the sleeves and the zipper.  Its done. 

This is the back of the jacket.  I used Thermore inside the jacket as the interlining.  I wanted to add a bit of warmth for the cooler spring and fall days.  I did a bit of cross hatching at the top and the bottom.
Morgan's jacket

This is the front.  Morgan chose the fabrics.  She loves animals.  This cat fabric really caught her eye. 

Morgan's jacket

and this was a surprise.  This is the inside of the back.  I started something doing this

Morgan's jacket
I fused these two cats on the lining and then used the blanket stitch to hold them in place.  Now she would like cats in the hood.  Don't know as that is going to happen.

This is Morgan on her third birthday.  Grandpa had picked this fabric out while we were in Pennsylvania cause he thought it was cute.  It had mouse paws on it. .  She loved it and Mom has it packed away for her.  Mom has a huge tote that special things go into.  One for each of the kids.  Their baby quilts are there and other items that they cherished.

morgan 001

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