Tuesday, March 29, 2011


On Saturday afternoon I went over and picked up Taylor


so we could spend the afternoon baking a birthday cake.  We decided that Mom's favourite flavour was chocolate and we bought a Duncan Hines cake mix.  We iced it and decorated and it turned out pretty good for two people we are definitely not professionals ~~ and one who never will be.
our cake!

The cake stayed at our house until Sunday as Kristina's friends had planned a party for Saturday night.  We decided they weren't going to eat our cake.

Kristina invited us for lunch and we had her favourite.  Ham and asparagus roll-ups with rice pilaf and her mother-in-law stopped at one of our favourite grocery stores that always has fresh, fresh salads and brought two along.  The lunch was awesome.

Then it was cake time.
lighting the candles

We all sang heartily -- everyone off key --but so thankful we got to sing it!    We almost ate the whole thing.  Our son-in-law who does not like "sweets", had two pieces and then our grandson (who is 16) would have eaten the last four slices but much to his dismay even smooching up to his mom didn't work!
Mom and Cody

I bet it was gone after supper!  Another birthday on Friday!  Paul, Kristina's husband was born on April 1st.

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Humboldt Broncos
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