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Friday, February 4, 2011

Our mug rugs

These are the mug rugs -- well, most of them that we swapped on the forum.  I'm not going to put names of "mugger" and "muggee" to them.  I'll just mess it up.  Enjoy!

When my mug rug arrived, our granddaughter Morgan was here.  She asked if she could open the parcel and of course, I said yes.  (I remember how I felt when parcels arrived when I was 10).

Note the vast array of stuffies on the sofa

Ahhhhhhhh, its sooooooo cuuuuuuuuute!

Just checking to see if there is more.

I told Morgan we had to let gnomatter know right away we had received it.  She asked if she could write the thank you note.  I said "sure".  I logged in and she did the rest.  Boy, I love grands!

Next swap is a trivet swap.  We are to have them to our recipient in time for Mother's Day.  I have an idea for it and just have to see if it works.

Take a look at these...................

by Maya Angelou

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