Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Karl is my guest today.......

Karl is a woodworker and a gardener.  He does the woodworking in the winter.  It has to be something really special to get him into the workshop in the summer months.  As you know he made one doll cradle before Christmas and another one after.  Little wee girls in the neighbourhood were the lucky recipients.  Julia is 3 months old and this was her first Christmas and Madeline turned 2 on December 24th.  She absolutely loves her cradle.  She carries it everywhere in the house and has this doll, that stuffed toy and even her bum in it.

This is his workshop.  Now take a good look at just how tidy and clean this is.  It is like this all the time.......not like the house he lives in.................its dirty enough to be happy and clean enough to be healthy.

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Over the years, Karl has made 11 cradles.  Mine was started by my Dad, but he passed away before it was done, so Karl finished it for me.  From there it was for people that we thought deserved one.  Our grands, our daughter-in-law, a friend who collected dolls, other neighbourhood children.  My mother requested one and much to my dismay upon her death my sister decided who it would go to.  I unfortuntely did not get it back. 

Of course, seeing as Karl makes the cradles, I make the accessories.  I didn't get them done before Christmas, but this past week I started and completed them both.  I don't spend a lot of time on them as knowing little girls, they could be played with anywhere.  I made the "mattresses", simple muslin and batting all machined.  I chose turquoise and yellow for the quilts.  Simple designs which you saw yesterday. 

I hope the girls enjoy them

I machine quilted a big bunny in the middle.  This is the same bunny that was on the baby quilt I made last fall.

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Humboldt Broncos
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