Friday, February 25, 2011

It's my turn

If you are nominated for the Leibster Blog Award, you are asked to pass it on...................I guess its like "pay it forward" in a way.  The blog must have less than 300 followers and it is suppose to be one you love.  That's why the heart on the award.
I have a few blogs that I follow..............there are a few I follow religiously and some I just pop over to once in awhile.  These are the three I have chosen to award.
May I have a drum roll please? ------------

Jennifer of Bronze Wombat.  I have written about this blog before but this time I just want Jennifer to know how much I really enjoy going to visit.  Jennifer writes about her life in Australia and her wonderful collection of wombats and her quilting.  I would love to see Australia, but I know it will never happen so I live it through Jennifer.  Thank you.  I love your blog.

My second nomination is for Bunny at The Creative Hare.  Surprisingly enough Bunny just lives in the next city.  I was posting pictures of my town on my blog and Bunny wrote and told me "I think I live close to you".   Its a small, small world.  I enjoy reading Bunny's blog and reading what's happening right next door.

I am also nominating Tracy and her blog Fiber Babble.  I have "known" Tracy for awhile as we are both on the same quilting forum.  Tracy, I'm sure, writes the way she speaks.  When I read her column its like we are both in the same room having a wonderful conversation.  Humourous, definitely; straight to the point, definitely.  My kind of person.

If you are looking for my Liebster Blog Award on the right side bar.  Its gone...............I've passed it on.

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Humboldt Broncos
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