Monday, January 10, 2011

A massive decision

Well, I made one huge, massive decision the other day.  I can't believe I got such a fantabulous idea.

I have in "my pictures" opened a file that I have called Quilts of 2011.  I went back through 2010 photos and I've either deleted quilt photos after printing off or put them on a DVD with a whack of other photos so I have to search for them.  With its own file I can keep them organized for a year and then just download the whole file onto a DVD.  I will mark it so that my kids can view it someday after I've gone to that wonderful place down below.  I hear they party there all the time....................that story about it being hot and you work hard................not a word of truth in it.

It seems to me to be a better way to document than printing off all those photos.  I'm coming up with an idea of doing a write-up and putting the DVD in with it.  Stay tuned and I'll post when that brain wave happens.

Aren't you impressed with my genius? 

Okay I promised you the finished project. The one from Quilter's Connection, December issue. Here it is...................its been claimed and by its rightful owner, but she can't have it until Christmas 2011.  Its a little joke between the two of us.................I started it and I'll finish it.

I made it into a pillow instead of a little framed piece.  I don't know about other people but I can find a place for a pillow but not for wall hangings.  My walls are now full.

I learned this from Gail up at The Hobby Horse.  When you do embrodery, use a piece of muslin on the back of the piece you are working on.  It will help to hide the knots and those "running" stitches you take betwen letters and words.
I did this on my Winter Wonderland quilt and it worked like a charm.  I use it on everything now.Oh, by the way Q-Bee, Karl told me the other night that he had a lump of coal he would gladly have given me to send to you.  Like now he tells me. 

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Humboldt Broncos
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