Monday, July 12, 2010

I have to tell you

Well, this should start your Monday off with a good laugh.

When I joined my first quilting forum sponsored by Fons and Porter way back when, I had to come up with a "name".  I wanted Quilting Bee, but it was taken so I had to think quickly.  Quilt had to be there and then I clued.................put "on" at the end for the abbreviation of the province I live in.

I had it...................Quilton. 

Well, I was writing back and forth to Jennifer of Bronze Wombat who lives in Australia and she has told me the funniest story.  I got quite a giggle out of it.  How many of you know the name of  the infamous brand of tissues in Australia?  Come on, give it a got it!!!!!  Two points for you.


No, I'm not fooling you.  Its true.  I'm a classic!  See...............


Of course they also make this

and inside the core it reads this

That made my day!
I love it!  Fabulous!  I smile everytime I think about it.


Til then.......................

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Humboldt Broncos
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