Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Busy beaver

On Monday I got up, started the wash as the sun was shining and then tackled housework.  I promised myself if I got two rooms thoroughly cleaned I could sew in the afternoon.  Well, I did that and more, so I got my reward!

At the workshop on Saturday, I did the back, two fronts and most of the sleeves.  I went e-a-s-y on my design.  Nothing complicated and I must tell you I do sew fast.  I get an idea and go with it.  I may not like the end results but I live with it!  This time I'm really
happy with what I did.
This is the back..........................

The front

and the sleeves....
I put the lining together first and tried it on....................holy hannah, was it big on me.  I had made a large, but there is large and there is large.  I didn't need large.
I thought I was being so clever, that after I had sewn everything together, I put it through the serger.  Soooooooooo, I sat last night and unpicked it all.  I took it back downstairs and recut the lining down to a medium.  Then I sewed it back together again!!!!!

Now it fits nicely.  This jacket will be totally reversible when its finished. 
I cut the binding on the bias and I put it on this afternoon just before supper.  I have most of the hand stitching done but have to be very careful of the thread showing on the front.  The Thermore is very thin and it doesn't take much to go right through to the other side. 
Here it is
the front
the back

You will notice I never mentioned the name of the pattern.  There isn't one!  We had selected a pattern to be used in the class, but when Janet made the sample she nearly pulled her beautiful red hair out!  First of all it calls for way too much fabric..........the sizes are really out of whack, and the directions -- well, toss them in a fire.  Janet actually emailed and said she wouldn't teach the class with this pattern and I told her to re-design and we would go with her work.  As it turns out everyone is doing their own thing.

I'm kind of busy today.  I have to get over to my LA's.  She has a quilt ready for me to pick up.........remember Anne of Green Gables.........and I'm dropping off a quilt. 
Charleen and Barb and I each did an Anne.  I'll post the photos of all three once we have our bindings on. 

I have a tip for you when pressing your bindings.

TIP:  Before you fold your bindings wrong sides together and press them, give them a spritz of spray starch.  This helps to hold the two fabrics a little gluing job.............and the bindings will stitch down much easier without stretching which is important when you are working with bindings cut on the bias.

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