Monday, May 31, 2010

Binding tip

My friend Mary Ann on my quilting forum -- Coming Together to Quilt -- gave this fabulous tip last week.  I do the same thing, but never thought to post it.  It's one of those things you just do, and don't think about it. 
Here it is.

I know most of us have a way we tame those miles of binding we are trying to sew on but if someone is struggling I thought I would post these pics. This is what I do.
(Of course this is after years of fighting with it- and it usually winning.)

I roll it up around my hand (loosely). I put it in a big bowl on the floor between my feet. It doesn't get sat on. It doesn't get caught under the wheels of my chair. It doesn't get dirty from the floor. (Of course my floor is never dirty ) If I have to stop in the middle of sewing, no problem, I do not have to fight my way out

Thanks so much for allowing me to post this MaryAnn.  Now do you want to see the quilt?  Cassie, MaryAnn's daughter made this quilt for a 4-H project.  Did a fabulous job, didn't she?
Thanks Cassie.  I appreciated you letting me post your quilt on the blog.  This is the story behind the quilt.

Our State 4H had a quilt challenge. DD decided to try it. We got a yard of fabric and built around it with five more fabrics. There had to be a 4H theme somewhere on it. This is what she did. (the green with the farm animals was the challenge fabric.)

It will be displayed at the state 4H Conference June 3rd. We are not going but are hoping someone will get us some pics. 

By the way, Cassie and her Mom and Dad live in Texas.

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