Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Summer quilts

When we were planning our quilts to make for Haiti, we didn't think of taking two pieces of fabric and sewing them together.  That brilliant thought came after Charleen and I had cut and "kitted" quilts for the girls at the workshop to sew up.  To distinquish the quilts we gave them all names and these were called "onesies".  Not a great name, but that was all we could think of when we were too pooped to think any longer.  We should actually have called them "twosies" as it is two pieces of fabric.
You use two complimentary pieces of fabric cut exactly the same size.  With right sides together, pin them together, with the pins about a hand width apart, leaving an opening for turning.  Sew around the entire "quilt".  Once the sewing is done, clip the corners, turn right side out and take it to the ironing board.

Separate the two pieces making sure there are no puckers underneath.  Using steam press the seam, making sure that you don't touch either fold created when you opened the fabrics.

The seam will automatically fall to one side and the pressing you will find, will be quite easy.  Do all four sides.  When you have completed, take your "summer quilt" back to the sewing machine and stitch down around the entire perimeter.  You can use either a straight stitch or a fancy stitch.  Your choice.
I decided to sew around twice. The first time as close to the edge as possible and then I moved my needle over to the left side as far as it would go.  Then, using my foot as a quide running along the first sewing, I sewed around the whole quilt once again. 
I'm really happy with the way it turned out.
Thanks to Susan for the great tip on the pressing of the edges.  Between her fabric and my fabric, we got one great quilt.  These would make a great quilt for a new baby.  They are fast and they are easy.

One thing before I go.  Both of these fabrics were approximately the same length and width so there was little waste.  Some fabrics are not 44/45" (115 cm) wide.  Check the ends of the bolts to make sure. 

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