Thursday, April 22, 2010

The little quilt shop

Four of us ventured down to our favourite little quilt shop by the lake yesterday.  The Quilters Garden Patch.  We were going to help one person buy some fabric for an upcoming jacket workshop.  Well, we did that!  and we did a whole lot more.  Four of us purchased fabric for this and that and when we got back to my place, I asked Susan where is the fabric for.............................she had forgotten all about that. 

Susan is our colour expert.  She can do things with fabric no one else can.  It is a gift, I swear it is.

I bought the cutest fabric for the cutest child's quilt.  As you all know jungle fabric is in right now.............really in!  I want to make this quilt for the Grace Children's Hospital in Haiti to hang on the corridor wall when their new facility is completed.  I also want to have my granddaughters help me.  This is the project.........................
I found the pattern in McCall's Quick Quilts, May 2010 longer available on the store shelves it seems.  I took the magazine with me as I wanted to see if the store had the zebra fabric.  Oh my they did!  Then I found the orange and the border and then Karen found the yellow for the lion and the giraffe.  My elephant is going to be purple to go with the elephant in the border and my hippo will be a grey fusion fabric.  I can't wait to start.
I'm going to change the alternate block slightly.  I haven't decided what yet, but I'm working on it.
Oh crumbs, the grey looks rather black.  Sorry about that.
I will run the patterns that you trace for the animals off on cardstock so it is easier for the girls to copy.  They are doing not only that part, but also the fusing to the fabrics.  I will do the sewing part while they trace.  I think this quilt top is put together and then you place the animals.  I'll check that out carefully before we start.
This will be a work in progress as the girls can only come over on Saturday at the moment and that is only for the afternoons. 
The youngest one goes to jazz dancing around lunchtime.  We will have plenty of time to accomplish it.

P.S.  Since I wrote this last night, I've had a rethink!  My hippo is going to be pink!  Not grey.  Grey is such a dull, boring colour.  I guess I have to go back to the shop today.  Aw shucks.

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