Saturday, March 6, 2010

Starting something new

I have a new publication sitting in my home and I've read a few pages of it and  I'm thinking I might just have to get a subscription to it. For those of you that don't know me, I must explain that I only buy quilt magazines when I go grocery shopping or pop into Chapters.  I don't subscribe.  I did, but I don't anymore.  Why?  No idea.  I just quit.  I think my biggest problem with subscriptions was the price difference between the USA and Canada when our dollar started to creep upwards and onwards.  The price of the magazine remained the same.  Didn't seem quite fair to me.

Well, I sure digressed there, didn't I?  The new magazine is called ...................

This is the latest issue.  It will be available in Chapters on or after March 8th.  I have no idea how many issues have been published, but I'm very happy to say it is Canadian!  It is published 4 times a year. 
March, June, September and December. 
The editor's name is Heather McArthur and I love her editorial in this issue.  Especially this part
"I might spend a day 'spring cleaning' my fabric stash, going through and removing all the fabrics I no longer want, and either finish up or pass on my UFO's.  Then I go shopping -- for new fabric!"  
A girl after my own heart.  I think that will be my spring cleaning this year.

The very first thing that caught my eye when the magazine arrived was the beautiful cover.  A gorgeous quilt lying over a white picket fence.  Then I opened the pages and started to glance through it. 
LARGE print, ladies!  I love it!!!!
A beautiful contents page and then.............well, I'm not going to spill all the beans!
Check out page 16 in regards to your sewing machine maintenance.  Three full pages to read with wonderful tips.

Do you know how to sashiko stitch?  You can learn how and I'm going to try it.

The instructions for the quilts in the magazine are clear and concise with wonderful graphics and BIG print.  That is my favourite part of the whole magazine.

I can't devulge a lot of what is in the magazine.  That's copyright.  You can pick up a copy at Chapters soon.  In the meantime, you can check out the website.
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Oh, by the way, this copy isn't mine.  Heather kindly sent it to me as a door prize for our upcoming workshop on our Quilts for Haiti.  It could be yours.

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