Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kids' week

This week I thought I would focus on little people.  Those small ones that add delight to our lives.  I am loosing my little ones.  The oldest is going on 18 but my youngest is only 9..............3 boys and 2 girls and in that order!

They are all my grands. 
This is the first

September 23rd, 1992

His brother came along 2 years later.................Kyle, born October 1, 1994
These two boys are my son's and daughter-in-law's.

then our daughter and son-in-law had their first child the following year
Cody, the lover of whipping cream.  Born on March 3, 1995
Then the first of the two girls.................This is Taylor, her birthdate is June 17th, 1997........a fabulous father's day/grandfather's day gift.

And the last grandchild was born at Thanksgiving! 
October 10th, 2000........a special year this year as she will be 10 on the 10th day of the 10th month in 2010.   This is Morgan .

I really wish someone had told me way back then that you should keep photos of your quilts along with documentation.  I didn't even know you should make labels. 
When my daughter went to pack away the children's baby things
she noticed there were no labels.  I made these up on my Hallmark
programme along with a verse I saw in a needlework book.
None of the panels for these three children had any specific name, but the necessary information was put on the labels.

They have received a lot of quilts over the years.  I'm sure they are just about due for some new ones.  I made a matching pair of quilts for the oldest boys as they shared a room with bunk beds.  This is called Raining Cats and Dogs and is from the book At Home with Thimbleberries Quilts, by Lynette Jensen. 
This was made from a panel.  I added co-ordinating fabric for borders to make it larger and Cody was the recipient of this one.

This was for the oldest granddaughter.  I thought every little girl should have a Sunbonnet Sue quilt.  I hand appliqued and hand quilted the whole thing!!!!  The pyjamas on the clothesline were made from the same fabric as pj's I had made for her.
This quilt was from the book Sunbonnet Sue All Through the Year, by Sue Linker.  It is available at Amazon, if you can afford it!

Oh goodness, look what I found.  This is Morgan's baby quilt.  A panel.  I really liked this one.  I bought it because I was so sure our daughter was having another boy.  Wrong!

Tomorrow I'm going to give a tutorial on how to make pillowcases.  I have decided to get rid of some of my big pieces of fabric.  I'll do it all in one day and if you want to download it, go ahead. 

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Humboldt Broncos
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