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I figured that would draw your attention.  What does it mean?  Well, its an Australian Aboriginal word.  What is it?  Its a suburb of Brisbane, Australia.  What was it?  The area now known as Indooroopilly was once part of a cattle run - McDougall Station - which extended from Toowong through to Moggill.  If you translate the name from Yindurupilli, it roughly means "the gully of running water."  It is now a suburb of Brisbane, Australia.
Okay, now you want to know what this has to do with quilting.  This wallhanging is called "Indooroopilly" and was designed and pieced by Susan, known to me by another name...."Aus".  It reflects the earth, the sun and skies of Australia where she grew Brisbane.....close to Indooroopilly.  She knows of what she quilts!
Did this guy live along the riverbank?  Quite possibly.  The fabrics in this quilt reflect Australia and this piece hangs in Susan's family room.

Susan, once made a queen size quilt that really was very, very pretty.  When it was completed her husband George looked at it and said "It's very pink!"  That little comment brought about this quilt................called "Blue for You". 

 Another design by Susan which if I had been thinking, I would have photographed a bit better.  It has two fabrics in it that flow from one side of the quilt to the other whereas the rest are just scattered throughout.  The backing is fabulous and look at the machine quilting.  (All these quilts were quilted by Pettyquilt Junction.)
I just noticed that I can find the flowing fabrics.  I'll fix a photo so you can see what I mean.  See what I mean by flowing......two fabrics just dropped down two across the quilt.  It adds interest to the quilt and you want to try to find others that do the same.  You won't find it.
I love quilting that flows and the girls that do our quilts always seem to pick out the perfect patterns.

Seeing as Susan made a quilt for George, that by the way is so lovely and long..............quilts are perfect when they tuck under your chin and still cover your toes........she made a quilt for guess who?  Right!
Well, seeing as George's quilt was called "Blue for You", guess -- just guess -- the name of Susan's.    Okay, its called...................."Blue for Me".  I quite honestly love the colour combinations in this quilt. 
Susan has the best sense of colour, what works, what doesn't.  And she very rarely will ever have a "boring backing".

I love this one!  I should really have had her take more of her quilts out just so you could see the backings.  Some are pieced together due to necessity, others to reflect the front.  This one is perfect for Blue for Me.........

The quilting once again just flows from side to side.  I love this design.................

Love your quilts Susan...........all of them.  They bring sunshine into our lives.

Thank you

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