Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Well, that was fast

I don't think I have ever picked up the pattern, traced, fused to fabric, cut out, fused to background that fast in a long, long, time.  But I did!

Here it is.  My version of the June Fat Cat BOM.  I'm sticking with the same fabrics throughout and throwing in a few from the stash.
Karl was having problems with arthritis in his hip so he was a bit incapacitated, so I went downstairs after supper and did all the blanket stitch around the pieces.

I had decided awhile ago to sash as I went along so there wouldn't be so much to do at the end.   This is it so far.
I'm so happy that years ago I saw this fabric at the Village Square Quilt shop and I picked it up.  Here is sat just waiting for the right quilt.

Sorry, I didn't realize this was kind of blurry until after I loaded it.   
I think I will get the next 40.5" sashing attached now and perhaps even do the top one. 

And now I wait until July.  Maybe that wasn't so smart of me after all.


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